Piece of Cake! Sugar, no sugar – my story – by Coach Marc

“Piece of Cake”





A month ago, I decided that for 30 days I would cut all added sugars from the foods that I ate. The motivation for this was simple- to make a positive change in my life. This was not a diet, nor a weight loss program. I did this to make a positive change in my life. This was going to be a big change and I was aware of how difficult this would be.  On the last day leading up to this 30 challenge, I did what anyone in my situation would do…I ate all of my favourite foods until I couldn’t eat anymore! Now, it was time to get serious.

giphy (9)

There is no perfect day to start a challenge. You just have to commit and do it. No more telling yourself, “I’ll start on Monday!”


Here we go.



Day 1:

No problem. This is going to be easy!

giphy (1)

Days 2-7:

I have a splitting headache…I feel like I have a hangover, but I didn’t drink any booze???

(This happens when your body has a hard time adjusting to new foods and lack of sugar)

I am grumpy.

All I want to do is sleep!

giphy (2)



Days 8-10:

My stomach is upset. Definitely some irritation going on in my digestive tract.

I am cranky.


giphy (8)

Days 11-14:

My stomach feels fine now, but all I can think about is junk food. I’m even having dreams about my 2 favourite guilty foods- donuts and pizza.

giphy (3)


Days 15-21:

My body composition is changing, and my energy levels are high. I feel great!

giphy (4)



Day 22-28:

I am so over this. My enthusiasm is fading.

Did somebody say ‘food boredom?’

In a nutshell, I am bored and hungry!


 Day 29:


Thinking about how close I was to being done, and going over all the close calls where I almost blew it.

giphy (7)


Day 30:


giphy (6)



What started off as a ‘diet’ expanded into improving areas of my life that I hadn’t expected it to.  I had very noticeable improvements in my sleep, energy levels, mood, attention span, and body composition. I lost 10 lbs and dropped 3 % bodyfat.

All of this in 30 days!!

giphy (5)


Should you decide to give it a go, I hope my experience has given you an idea of what to expect and may it help you to succeed in your positive life change.





Coach Marc

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Fascia 101 for athletes by RMT Jackie!

Benefits of Fascial Work for Athletes

What is fascia?

Fascia; a connective tissue that surrounds and connects every muscle, organ and bone in your body.  Fascia is a 3-D web that provides structure, and acts as a support network in how it holds structures together and is a foundation for other tissues to connect to.fascial 1

What’s it made of?

It is made up of three main components; elastin, which allows the fascia to stretch; ground substance, a jelly substance that provides shock absorption and is a lubricant to the elastin and collagen fibers; and collagen, which gives the fascia strength to hold our body in shape. Collagen fibers are proteins that have binding sites that can attach to water, or other collagen fibers. The more cross binding that occurs between neighboring collagen fibers, the stronger and tougher the tissue becomes.  The more water binding to the collagen, the more flexible the tissue becomes.  This can help you understand why dehydrated tissues are tough and hard and hydrated tissues are soft and pliable.

How does this relate to you?fascial 2

Excessive repetitive movements or trauma increases the density of the fascia by building on itself resulting in impaired movement, and circulation. It holds you into the damaged position, and limits your ability to move out of that position and holds the bones in limited and unnatural connections. This damage or trauma situation now requires immense amounts of energy to move instead of efficient movements. RMT can release the excess fascia to allow more range of motion and allow you to move more efficiently.



Jackie is available at both our dowtown location and at our Electronic Arts campus. Email scheduling@studeo55.ca to book your appointment with her!

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“Pin your ears back and work your tail off.” Real Talk from Coach Josh.

Life is busy. Man, is life ever busy. Everyone says the same thing: I was too busy to do that today. There’s not enough time in a day to do everything that I need AND want to do. Something has to give. Unfortunately too often the thing that gets pushed to the curb is our health and fitness. Being in the fitness industry we often see people ebb and flow in their level of commitment. I’m going to talk about how can you stay committed to your fitness routine


Ride the wave – You’ve already stepped up and gotten yourself a gym pass, class pass, and/or a trainer so you have made a commitment to a healthier lifestyle. Now that you’ve done that use your new motivation and ride the wave going as often as you possibly can.


Be prepared – Bring your change of clothes with you. Pack your bag every day with your clothes and snacks expecting to go to the gym. It’s easy to find an excuse to not workout if you don’t have anything to workout in.


Schedule it – Add your fitness time to your scheduler. Block it off so people cannot book over it (if you’re in a outlook happy industry). Scheduling a time when you work out is helpful to maintain your schedule. This works regardless if your schedule varies per day or if it’s consistent.


Prioritize – The most important things in life are your family, your job and your health. If something does not positively affect one or all of them then you should reevaluate where your spending your efforts.


Enjoy your activity – if you are not enjoying your work out routine change it, or change up your classes, or get more individual attention to fix frustrating movements. It’s important to enjoy your routine or it will start feeling like a chore. Granted some days you might not be feeling awesome but those are the days you HAVE to go so you don’t fall off track.


Block out the bad, harness the good – There are too many tim- wasting options available that it’s easy to get pulled away from what matters most. Limit the amount of time you spend scouring social media and the Internet and you’ll be surprised how much extra time you have.


Work hard – So you’ve made it to the gym, with your gym clothes and you’re now ready to workout. Awesome. Now go work hard. Studies show that if you work at a high intensity for a short period of time you will see greater benefits than working at a medium, or low intensity over a long period of time. So for the 30, 45 or 60 minutes we see you every day pin your ears back and work your tail off.


Josh at Studeo 55 dot ca!

Josh at Studeo 55 dot ca!

We want you to succeed in whatever your fitness goals are. We promise to do our part every day making your workouts beneficial and fun. All you have to do is show up and be ready to enjoy your session.

Coach Josh is on his way to Studeo55 Los Angeles. You can reach him at josh@studeo55.ca


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Breathe like a Champion: by Coach Kevin



Vitality(noun): refers to one’s life, life force, health, youth, or ability to live or exist.

Sounds pretty awesome, right?  The word vitality has been around since the 1500’s but Yogis and Taoists have been speaking about prana and qi for much longer. Yogic and Taoist practices recognize the importance of breathing to help bring the body into balance. If you tend to scoff at the ‘woo-woo’ sounding terminology from ancient practices, fear not, because breathing is also recognized in western science for it’s ability to balance our parasympathetic (rest and repair) and sympathetic (fight or flight) nervous systems.

Breathing is second nature but since we aren’t often aware of our breath, it can cause us to develop unfavorable breathing patterns. Couple the unconscious way that most of us breathe with all of the stressors in the modern world, and our breathing becomes shallow – not good.

Often times the day-to-day stressors in our lives, sitting at a desk or in traffic, feeling trapped or unhappy in a job, or worrying about money cause us to take short, rapid, breaths that come primarily from our chests (thoracic region).  Being so tense and lacking good oxygen delivery to our vital organs results in, among many other things, mental sluggishness, negative thoughts, and even depression – shitty right?

 If you’re feeling stressed out, or want to increase your mojo, then I would invite you to try diaphragmatic breathing. 

Here are just a few of the benefits of a diaphragmatic breathing pattern.

1.    Naturally lower stress levels. Deep diaphragmatic breathing stimulate a nerve that hangs out close to the diaphragm (vagus nerve).  Get this: 75% of parasympathetic (rest and repair) nervous fibres branch out from the vagus nerve. Wow! That’s pretty much like putting all of our eggs in one basket when it comes to naturally chilling out.

2.    Increased oxygen delivery: When you breathe deeply from the belly, you’re able to strengthen the diaphragm. When you take deeper breaths, you use more air sacs in your lungs, which allows you to take in more oxygen to feed your muscles.

3.    Detoxification: The lymphatic nodes are stimulated by contractions of the diaphragm and other muscles to flush your body of toxins floating around thanks to last night’s good times, flu’s,  pesticide ridden food, exhaust fumes, ect.

4.    Better Athletic Performance: If you get oxygen to working muscles and eliminate wastes more efficiently than your opponent, you’ve given yourself an advantage.

It will take time and a consistent re-commitment to get it right. But, you’ve got to breathe anyways- right? Check directions below to start practising today.


Belly Breath Practice:

Sit or stand with one hand on your belly and one hand on your chest.
Inhale, focusing on the belly expanding outward first followed by the chest.
Take 20 breaths.

Cheers to your health,


Meet Coach Kevin!

Meet Coach Kevin!


  1. http://cathysheaschool.com/research/articles/97-autonomic-nervous-system
  2. http://www.runnersworld.com/running-tips/how-to-breathe-when-running

Questions for Coach Kevin? You can reach him at kevin@studeo55.ca

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Martial Arts, Meditation, Wide Receiver – humble in victory and wise in defeat! Meet Coach Kevin!

Name: Kevin Maynard

Hails from: Oshawa, Ontario

Meet Coach Kevin!

Meet Coach Kevin!

Athletic background:

As a young man I was a martial artist, and earned a Tae Kwon Do Black Belt before turning 18.

In high school I was a multisport athlete, captaining basketball and football teams. As a freshman, I qualified to compete at provincials as a discus thrower, high jumper, and sprint hurdler. I broke my high school discus record, twice as a junior. I also competed in club track as a Decathlete and qualified to compete at the Ontario Summer Games as well as Canadian National Championships. To round out my high school career, I was named a ‘Face of the Future’ and profiled in Toronto new papers as an athlete who balanced academic and athletic performance.

At Acadia University I was a 4 year starter as a wider receiver. I won two Atlantic University Conference Championships. In my 3rd year I was selected to represent my conference at the East vs West Bowl hosted by the CFL and CIS to evaluate the next class of draft eligible players.

These days, you can find me training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

My favourite: coach, teacher or mentor, what they taught me – give me a shining moment/memory:

Oh man, this feels like a hall of fame speech! I’ve met many memorable leaders, but the main influences were:

Jeff Cummins (My University Football Coach) He taught me to be humble in victory and to learn from defeat.

Kristin Pipe, Mike Gillen, Stephen Faoro (My Fallen Acadia Football Teammates) They lived in the present moment, stayed true to themselves, and always had my back. I hope that people can say the same about me, some day.

Shining moments: Earning my black belt after 7 years of hard training. Also, the first AUS Football Championship. Talk about blood, sweat, and tears!

Glory days! My favourite athletic memory:

This is a tough question because there are SO many.

Perhaps the most transformative was before the national quarter-final game. We were very nervous and obsessing over how dominant the other team had been all season. Sensing that we were self-destructing, our coach brought us into his hotel room and asked all 40 of us to share why we loved football and what Acadia football meant to us. I always get choked-up thinking about that moment. At the end of the meeting our head coach left us with his own story and then he said `Go make a memory`. We won the game.

My biggest athletic heartbreak, and what I learned:

I completely severed my right Achilles tendon in my draft year. That sucked. During the rehab process, I gained about 30 unhealthy pounds while struggling to navigate my new identity. Through the process of losing the weight I learned that a healthy environment is essential to any transformation.

My family taught me: To follow my heart, and to always take Mom’s side.

Currently working on (goals, events, PRs, whatever you like!): I am currently working on expanding my meditation practice. I currently get on the cushion for 11mins in the morning, and the goal is to slowly work up to two 20min sessions per day. That’s not as much as the Dalai Lama, but it keeps me happy.

My wish for each of our athletes: My wish is for our athletes to be the fittest versions of themselves.

You can reach Coach Kevin at kevin@studeo55.ca

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Announcing: Crossfit Sport Class at Studeo55

The exercises are still the same and the trademark WODS haven’t changed but the competitive landscape of CrossFit has. We, as a community, experienced  this evolution during the 2015 Open, when we had an astonishing 49 members complete the Open Rx’d and close to 140 members complete all five weeks. An increasing number of Studeo55 members now pursue CrossFit as a recreational sport/hobby. Local CrossFit competitions are no longer reserved for  the elite and are becoming more inclusive.

Competitive Crossfit? Join Crossfit Sport.

Competitive Crossfit? Join Crossfit Sport.

We are pleased to annouce that we are adding a CrossFit Sport class to the schedule starting early July . The requirements of a CrossFit sport athlete do differ from the needs of CrossFit “gen pop”. Intensity, skill, volume and sacrifice are higher and like the old saying goes you can’t bring a knife to gun fight. The  Sport class is designed  for those who already compete or wish to compete in competitive CrossFit.

- If you were 1 of the 49 people who completed the Open Rx’d or you were a muscle up or handstand push up away, this class is for you.

- If you consistently train 5 days a week, this class is for you.

- If you have competed in CAL or local CrossFit competitions, this class is for you.   

- If you are consistently doing Level 55 WODS, this class is for you.

This class will run Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm and Saturday mornings at 8:30am and will be 75 to 90mins long

IMPORTANT there will be only ONE CrossFit Sport class WOD programmed each week and you will choose whether you will attend the Wednesday or Saturday session. These sessions will  be demanding.


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The Bar-Belle Lifting Club! Information and Registration!

“Strong is the new sexy” is the mantra that many  women have adopted to guide them in their daily fitness regime. Women simply aren’t shying away from the barbell anymore. The women of crossfit, weightlifting, and traditional sports are setting strong examples for young girls everywhere and redefining  female athleticism. With athletic physiques being sexy, thigh gaps going out of style, and how much can you deadlift becoming increasingly popular Studeo55 brings you “The Bar-Belles Lifting Club”.

Bar-Belles Lifting Club!

Bar-Belles Lifting Club!

What is “The Bar-Belles Lifting Club?”

We have been very fortunate at Studeo55 to attract a very keen female membership. “The Bar-Belles Lifting Club” was created for our  female membership to get together and train in a structured environment. Coach Azadeh will lead this 6 week course which is catered to all abilities from the beginners, to the advanced. This program will concentrate primarily on Olympic Weightlifting and the accessory lifts such as squats, pulls and presses. The goal is to not only get stronger, but to educate athletes on how to properly execute  these lifts to improve their capacity.

When does it take place?

July 08. 6 Weeks. Wednesdays. 5:30 to 6:30

For more information or questions, please contact Head Coach Azadeh Boroumand at Azadeh@studeo55. 

To register, please visit the online portal and sign up here!

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Coach Erik: My experience rehabbing a non-sports injury

On March 20th I was on my way to work at EA Sports in Burnaby when a full size tractor trailer turned in front of me, giving me almost no time to react. I swerved as far as I could but got crushed on the driver’s side, narrowly avoiding a head on collision. The air bags went off before I even realized what had happened and my truck spun and skidded across the intersection. Once I came to a stop I checked for broken bones and/or blood, thankfully I found nothing. Once a couple good samaritans were able to get the driver’s side door open I checked everything again and made sure I was intact, and as far as I could tell, OK. I didn’t want to go to the hospital, I wanted to tough it out and just get on with it… or as my coaches always used to say, walk it off. I eventually agreed with the first responders that getting in an ambulance and going to the hospital was the right decision.

Coach Erik and Non-Sports Injuries

Coach Erik and Non-Sports Injuries

I was released from the hospital after about 4 hours and told that I had what amounted to ”soft tissue damage” and to return immediately if I noticed any significant changes in my urine or stool as they hadn’t done any imaging to check for internal damage. Fast forward three days and I had my first day of work back at Studeo on Hornby. Nothing felt right. I turned with my whole torso as one, I couldn’t pick up weights or kettlebells for clients and I couldn’t make any type of movement one would describe as natural, athletic, or anything resembling quick. I can’t tell you exactly what was wrong with me as I’m not a doctor, but I had constant pain and stiffness in my mid back, and sharp pain and cramping in my hip flexors and SI joint on my left side.

I started seeing Drew and Sean, two of the practitioners in Ntegrated health, immediately after returning to work. I was quite frustrated over the first six weeks as nothing seemed to be getting better, in fact my body was feeling worse and worse as the shock wore off and everything kind of settled into place. Drew did a great job of keeping me on task and focused on where we were going not where we were, while also pushing me to get outside of my newfound comfort zone… which was essentially the zone of doing nothing out of fear of regression.

I’ve always been leery of chiropractors and viewed them as some sort of back cracking, neck breaking witch-doctors. A couple experiences in the past didn’t change that opinion: it was always “Hey, how are ya? Crack crack crack. See you next week!”  Sean, proved this wrong. He approached our sessions with a very similar approach to any physio I’ve seen in the past and worked on more than just adjusting my spine and looked/solved the issues causing the skeletal issues.

After a couple months of slow progress, weight gain from lack of activity, and being in an all-around, negative frame of mind, Drew and Sean eventually convinced me to start trying to incorporate more and more into my rehab, workouts, and everyday life. I started working out harder, progressing towards playing sports again, and being less limited in my day to day activities. I’m not back to normal yet, but I’ve definitely gotten away from the day to day pain and restrictive/negative impact the accident was having on my life. When I play basketball, I’m slower and can’t jump as high or move as quickly as I could before the accident but at least I’m playing basketball again. I’m more sore after my workouts, and the soreness lasts longer than before the accident, but at least I’m working out and keeping my body healthy again. This has been an incredibly frustrating experience overall, but thanks to Sean and Drew, I’m a lot closer to normal than I otherwise would be!

My takeaway from this whole experience is learning firsthand the importance of physical activity in my life and the inability to feel normal and happy when it is removed. These injuries were no fault of my own and I found myself being mad at the truck driver and dwelling how his irresponsibility was causing my life to be so boring, painful, and unhappy. Changing my attitude from being angry, playing the blame game, and making excuses why I couldn’t do things to attacking the issues head on and being happy with the smallest improvements changed everything. I also learned that having a support system that you can trust is imperative to overcoming the obstacles that life throws at us. The trainers, coaches, and practitioners at Studeo 55 are here to help each and everyone of our clients, and our teammates, as a cohesive unit. If something is affecting your life and we can be of any help in getting you back on your feet, please don’t hesitate to reach out to any of us. The team will be here for you, just like they were here for me!

Meet Coach Erik!

Meet Coach Erik!

Do you have any questions for Coach Erik? He would love to hear from you! Erik@studeo55.ca

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Athlete of the Month: Meet Kyle!

We love Kyle and we want you to meet him! Kyle is a dedicated private training client, who also uses our nutrition programming to dial-in his culinary skills. He as been known to go to a spin class or two and never misses a workout! Consistent, dedicated, hard-working and committed: Kyle is a true example of the how, what and why of fitness!

Read what he has to say below!

Meet Kyle! Athlete of the Month!

Meet Kyle! Athlete of the Month!

1) Tell us about how you found Studeo55?

I think I googled it years ago. I was feeling pretty overweight after moving home from south America. That seems like forever ago, in the old location!

2) What does “fitness” mean to you?

Being able to actually work exercise into your daily routine and look forward to it, not dread it.

3) If you were an exercise, which would you be, and why?

Probably spin class. You spend thirty or fourty hours with me reasonably certain you can’t stand me then you realize all of a sudden you hate me a little less, haha

4) What’s your definition of happiness?

Calorie free fried chicken

5) What are three things you couldn’t live without?

A good chef’s knife
The internet
My vitamix (eyes are gonna roll with that one)

6) What is a goal you’re working towards in 2015?

Body weight up, body fat down.  Always the goal.
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Coach Katie: An Insider’s View of the CrossFit West Super Regionals, and What I learned

I felt like someone had just shoved me out onto the competition floor.  My partner was ready to go and I felt like I had just rolled out of bed.  That first deadlift felt like it was 1000lbs, but I made it through the first set.  The second set was worse.  I was being crushed.  The thought of telling my partner I needed to break crossed my mind, but I didn’t want to be”that girl”.  I made it through those 45 one-thousand pound deadlifts (actuality it was 410lb between 2 people), but I was hurting.  My first jump to the pull up bar and I missed.  Everyone around me is flying through their reps and I am flailing.  Everyone is depending on me to get through this.  Panic sets in.

Partner Deadlift: 410 lbs

Partner Deadlift: 410 lbs

Even though this year at the CrossFit Games West Super Regionals didn’t pan out as we had hoped, I did learn some valuable lessons in working out and in life that I would love to share with you.   


Lessons learned in the CrossFit Super Regionals:

1) “90% of the game is half mental” -Yogi Berra.  

Although this quote is a “malapropism” — a phrase or sentence that doesn’t quite mean what the speaker intended, I totally get it.  Being mentally prepared for the game is just as important as being physically prepared. Doing your regular warm up, movement prep and visualizing what you want the outcome to be is just as important as putting in the hard work and being able to lift the pounds.

100 ft Handstand Walk

100 ft Handstand Walk

2)  The past is the past, don’t dwell on it. 

One of my amazing team mates over the weekend said to me before each event “The scoreboard is 0-0″.  We got a fresh start at the beginning of each workout.  Forget what has happened in the past and focus on what’s next.  That really helped me to pull myself out of my poor performance depression and try my best at the next event.

25 Rope Climbs

25 Rope Climbs

3) Team work makes the dream work.  

The team is a group of not just amazingly gifted, strong athletes, but also great friends.  Having people to lean on, not just in workouts is crucial.  Good friends pick you up when you’re down and remind you things are not as bad as they seem.  You are not alone!   



4) Do the things you don’t like to do.  

I had thought my worst event would be the running one.  I am not a strong runner.  But leading up to game day I was practicing my running three times a week and it turned out to be our best event!  Definitely do the things you love, but don’t be a cherry-picker, and do the things you don’t like as well.  It will make you a better athlete overall and there is something very satisfying about doing well in something you THOUGHT you were bad at.



5) Studeo55 has the best community in the world!  

Since beginning my employment with Studeo55 in 2012 my life has never been the same, in the best possible ways.  The support from the staff, members, clients and athletes is just overwhelmingly wonderful.  I had a client messaging me all weekend, even after we tanked an event saying “So the good news, your hair looks great on camera… tomorrow’s events are way better for you guys!”  It meant to much to me to know everyone was proud of us no matter what.  Everyone who helped up prepare, wished us luck, sent messages, high-fived in the gym, showed up to support, hugged when we were down and cheered when we did great meant the world to the team and got us through it all.  

Studeo55 Regionals Team 2015

Studeo55 Regionals Team 2015


Thank you so much to everyone for all the support, I cannot express what it meant to us.  All being said and done, I am so pumped and so excited to get in the gym with everyone and get after it for next year!! 

Coach Katie

Coach Katie

In the 2015 Crossfit Open, Coach Katie finished 31st – in a pool of over 2800 women. Coach Katie is a dedicated Crossfit Athlete and the Assistant Manager at Studeo55 @ recrEAte. She’d love to hear from you. Katie@Studeo55.ca

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