This for Thursday. Given to Fly

At Studeo55, we are passionate about inspiration. If we could inspire you to take one thing away today, it’s this: focus less on the way that fitness looks and focus more on the way that fitness feels. Trust us when we tell you that this is what it takes to fly.

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Planning + Prep = Results. What to Eat Wednesday

A little prep goes a long way. At Studeo55 and Ntegrated Health, we know that planning and preparation are the toughest (and most time consuming) parts of eating well, but: they are the most rewarding parts too.

This is simple. Start with the heaviest vegetables on the bottom, working your way up to greens on the top. Shake it when you’re ready to eat, and eat right from the jar. It doesn’t get much easier than that. They will store up to a week in the fridge.

Planning + prep = results.

Planning + prep = results.

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Coach Adam, on: losing, winning, and what his family taught him.

Name: Adam ChinAdam Chin

Hails from: Burnaby, BC

Athletic background:

Started out playing soccer like almost every other 5 year old out there. Eventually decided I had had enough of the Saturday mornings in the rain and began playing basketball, which became the main sport I played growing up. During high school I played basketball competitively for both school and regional teams as well as ventured into little bit of volleyball and rugby. It wasn’t until university that I started fooling around with Crossfit which lead me to Olympic Weightlifting. I really took to Olympic weightlifting and haven’t looked back since. Now solely competing as an Olympic Weightlifter. I also really enjoy snowboarding during the winter and have for the past 7 years or so.

My favourite coach, teacher or mentor:

My Olympic weightlifting coach Dan as well as the sport in general has taught me a lot about commitment, perseverance and determination. The moment I realized that no matter what the weight on the bar – when attempting a PR – you have to get under the bar. Despite the fact you may think it will crush you or maybe you’ll miss the lift, you can’t just pull the bar up and drop it, you have to commit if you every want to have a chance of making the lift. I feel that this transfers well to any seemingly impossible task in life, you have to fully commit despite the chance of failing if you want to really succeed.

Glory days! My favourite athletic memory:

Playing volleyball during my senior years at high school was always fun. Our team made multiple consecutive provincial appearances and I will always remember the road trips to tournaments. These days, I’m looking to make even better memories in Olympic Weightlifting with hopes to grow the sport and achieve my own goals.

My biggest athletic heartbreak, and what I learned:

….When my high school volleyball team lost in the first round of provincials to a team ranked substantially lower than us. We went on to win the rest of our games, but because of that first lost did not place very well overall. It taught me that nothing is ever just a given. There always someone aiming to take you out and you have to continue to push yourself to be better.

My family taught me:

My family taught me the real value of a good team and support system around you. They have always supported me in whatever decisions I’ve made and done their best to provide guidance even though they may have not always agreed with these decisions. It took a while before they went from believing Olympic weightlifting was reckless and stupid to appreciating that it is a sport. My first weightlifting competition: they all packed into a car and drove with me to Kelowna to cheer me on and support me in my endeavor and I will always appreciate that.

Currently working on:

Right now I am working toward a 115kg snatch and 140kg clean and jerk.  My goal for the next year would be to place in the top 10 at the 2015 Senior Weightlifting Canadian Nationals. I am working on improving my bodyweight exercises, like handstands, muscle ups, etc. So if you have any experience with these movements feel free to share some knowledge with me! I assure you I could really use any and all help.

My wish for each of our athletes:

For everyone to break through their own perceived limits and achieve goals that they never dreamt they could accomplish and to grow as an athlete by pursuing new challenges and learning new skills.


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Mobility Monday: Low Back! from Jessica Edwards

Low back pain is one of most common ailments that we treat as physiotherapists and, unfortunately, has a very high rate of re-occurrence.  The best intervention we have is to prevent it from occurring in the first place.  Stretching often only offers limited benefit and relief because the architecture of the lumbar spine is built more for stability and less built for mobility.  The low back feels and acts best when it’s stable and supported, especially if you’re participating in an activity that involves a load more than your body weight.  This is one of my favourite exercises as a warm-up or rehabilitation exercise because it teaches a multitude of important aspects of a stable and strong spine. As simple as it appears on the surface – give it a try and be surprised at how soon you feel the burn!

Coach Angelo Demonstrating Mobility Monday!

Done correctly!

On your hands and knees, place an exercise ball directly behind your hips on a wall.  Set yourself up with a slight arch in your low back, limited rounding of your midback, knees underneath your hips and hands underneath your shoulders.  Having a mirror next to you, or a friend, can help you find the right position.  Brace your core by pulling your belly button in slightly and tightening your stomach muscles.  You should still be able to breath comfortably.  Keeping this position nice and steady, push back into the ball and lift one arm up in front of you at a time.




Jessica Edwards is a physiotherapist, athlete, Crossfit competitor and member at Studeo55. For availability on appointments or prehab programs, contact us at

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Mobility. Like Playing Super Mario


Yeah Mobility!!

At Studeo55 we remind our athletes that mobility work prevents injuries and improves performance. But, we’d like to give a new way of seeing this.

In order to unlock higher levels in a video game (where you can score more points), you need to master the requirements of the LOWER levels. Mobility and FULL range of motion are requirements of those lower levels. Practicing the basic mobility exercises that we recommend is like mastering the basic levels in Super Mario Bros! Master those, and you move to the higher levels. Impaired mobility WILL prevent you from safely performing exercises that yield better results.

So when we say “results”, what are we talking about? At Studeo55 we are talking about being functionally fit for daily life. This is simple folks, we want you to tie your shoe laces without a stool, reach behind your back, pick up your kid off the floor with a neutral spine, put on your own jacket and socks, keep up with your kids on the slopes, climb a tree if you feel like it! As we age, these tasks that we take for granted become more and more difficult. Dedicating time to increasing your mobility quite literally makes you more independent and a more useful human being- in other words FITTER.

Yes, we said it, working on your mobility makes you fitter and counts as a workout!

Subscribe to our blog, like us on Facebook or better yet: come on in to our Mobility classes. We’ll help you master those basic levels.

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You are an athlete. These are your Coaches.

TeamAt Studeo55, we look for qualities in our coaches that can’t be taught: a passion for excellence, a dynamic background in sports, a value for family and experience on a team. In the weeks ahead, we will introduce you to each of our teammates. Stay tuned!

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Studeo55 Hollistic Nutritionist, Jana, is always available to help or answer questions!

Studeo55 Hollistic Nutritionist, Jana, is always available to help or answer questions!

Here are 5 things that our Holistic Nutritionist, Jana, Suggests to start making you feel better immediately!

…And I don’t just mean life in general, I mean your chewing!

We need to be in a calm and relaxed state, with adequate time spent chewing (which don’t forget is actually digesting) for maximum benefit from our nutrition.

We seem to stop the planning process when it comes to our fuel. Your next day’s food is more important, in the big picture, than a lot of other things we schedule.

Are you getting enough rest? Are you up late? …scrolling Facebook, checking emails, watching TV or does it take forever to fall asleep? Do you wake up a few times in the middle of the night?
Yes to any of these and I’d say you need more rest. If you want a lean, healthy and vibrant physique…sleep should be a priority.

WATER!!! A few glasses per day are not enough. Buy yourself a 1L water bottle today and drink at least 2 per day.

Take your priorities and work seriously, but do yourself a favour and take yourself less seriously. Be light and comfortable in your own skin. Laugh!
Spend time being quiet, alone or with the people that charge your battery. No matter how old you are, being more childlike will make your truly a happier, healthier person.

Studeo55 Hollistic Nutritionist, Jana, is always available to help or answer questions!

Studeo55 Hollistic Nutritionist, Jana, is always available to help or answer questions!

By: Jana Finkbiner, RHN, and Lifestyle Coach

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Do you want to be the Studeo55 Biggest Winner?

We are constantly looking for ways to help motivate and encourage our members and clients.  We have been brainstorming how to get people more engaged this spring. We didn’t want to do the same old “6 weeks to beach ready”, that have been done before because we are not convinced that looking good at the beach is really why we train.

With that in mind, we are excited to announce this months 40 day challenge and the STUDEO55 BIGGEST WINNER CONTEST! What is it? What do you need to do?  At the most basic level, exercise often, take care of yourself and form some new habits, and let the great results come from there.  

Here are the details!

Studeo55 Biggest Winner Challenge

Dates: May 1 – June 10, 2014

1. Clients will collect points based on services used at Studeo55

2. The trainer is responsible for testing, measuring, before the challenge

3. Studeo55 Staff are responsible for collecting the points at the end of the week.

4. Client standings will be updated every week on Social Media (Studeo55 Facebook page)

5. We will see who is doing the well and give out prizes accordingly!

Point System

5 points – initial visit or follow up with Jana our nutritionist

4 points – session with a personal trainer

3 points – small group training workout

3 points – any clinic booking

2 points – attend a any group class

1 point – workout at Studeo55 without trainer

(please note you need to sign in to you classes and when you train on your own in order to collect points)


5 weekly prizes – May 9, 16, 23, 30

Studeo55 athlete t-shirts

Grand prizes –  at the end of 40 days (June 10)

1. Juicer ($150 value)

2. Complimentary body composition analysis via DEXA Scan

3. Body Energy Club Gift Card

4. Café Artigiano Gift Card

For more details please e-mail

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Kickstart Your Immune System!

The days are getting longer and we’re seeing a little bit more sun, but winter isn’t over and unfortunately, colds are still rampant. Everyone seems to have their own perception of what will ward off a cold and keep you healthy and happy. Truth be told, there is no one magic food or nutrient that will help you in this goal, since all micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants) play some role in ensuring an optimal immune response.

3 Key Nutrients

There are three nutrients that stand out when it comes to your immune system: Vitamin C, Zinc, and Selenium. Now, what you need to know is that consuming enough of these nutrients in your diet to meet the Daily Recommended Intake (DRI) is all that is needed. There is insufficient evidence to support that intakes above the DRI (including supplements) are more effective in preventing colds.

Vitamin C, Zinc & Selenium

Vitamin C can be found in citrus fruits, tomatoes, melons, berries, green and red peppers, and broccoli. The recommended intake can be met with one or two servings of these foods. Zinc and Selenium are both minerals that can be found in lean meat, eggs, seafood, whole grains, beans, and low fat milk products. Selenium is also found in garlic, which is often praised for its anti bacterial properties. A serving of beef (3oz) and a cup of lentils will already get you close to your required intake for Zinc and a ¼ cup of nuts will more than satisfy your need for Selenium.


Basically, what it comes down to is following a well balanced diet that includes a variety of foods from all four foods groups. Including fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy products, lean meats, nuts, and beans and legumes will ensure you are getting the whole spectrum of nutrients that you need. Lastly, aim to drink enough water and get adequate sleep.

Don’t Give Up!

If you do end up getting sick, make sure to eat smaller, more frequent meals and drink plenty of water! Now, even though there is no evidence to support the benefits of chicken soup in the prevention of colds; it has been shown to help soothe the symptoms. There is nothing like to warm bowl of chicken soup to make you feel better, even for a short moment. Lastly, supplementing with vitamin C during a cold has been shown to decrease the severity and duration. Probiotics have also been shown to decrease the duration of respiratory infections. While the research on the type and amount of probiotic supplementation is still up in the air, I suggest enjoying a serving of a low-fat yogurt (with active bacterial culture) to reap the many benefits.

At Studeo55 we believe in combining all aspects of wellness. We invite you to book a consult today to see what you can do to get your nutrition plan on track with your fitness goals.

To Your Health!

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Benefits of Regular Exercise

This may seem like a no brainer but we all need reminders. Especially if it’s a new year and we’re just getting back into the swing of things. Perhaps you’ve set some goals or just signed on to work with a trainer and life is just starting to turn around for again. We wanted to share a handful of tips to jump start you on the benefits of regular exercise.

  • Aerobic Exercise – May reduce the risk of dementia according Mayo Clinic research conducted on both animals and humans. Research showed increased benefits to brain activity.
  • Yoga or Stretching - Reduces back pain.  Results will vary but make it a part of your regular routine and reap the benefits of increased flexibility and posture!
  • Weight Control- Regular activity helps reduce body fat and build muscle mass. It also improves how your body uses calories. Partner this with proper nutrition and you’re set. Like Michelle ;)
  • Improved Eating Habits – Regular exercise increases endorphins therefore increasing mood.  Many food choices are based on emotions so if you’re exercising regularly you will improve your mood and get a jump start on emotional eating.
  • Improves Digestion – Regular exercise improves bodily function such as digestion which will have a bearing on your nutritional absorption.
  • Improves Glycogen Storage- Like this Studeo55 Success story regular exercise assists those with diabetes and can aid in balancing of blood sugars.
  • Strength & Stamina – Regular exercise will transfer over into just how much energy you have for many daily activities. You will gain endurance and energy to get through other tasks of the day and week if you implement regular exercise.
  • Sleep- Regular exercise prompts your body in to an enhanced quality of sleep. Your body needs rest and recovery times after exercise plain and simple.
  • Mood- Regular exercise increases endorphins to the brain and can improve your mood. Research shows that regular exercise may reduce depression and help to manage stress.

These are just a handful of the benefits that come from exercising regularly. We like to help you keep your hard work fun and flexible with your schedule. The key is regular exercise and balanced nutrition.

To sign up for any of our classes or membership packages please contact

To Your Success!

The Team

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